Suzie Lawson

Admissions and Marketing Director


Mrs. Lawson is in her fourth year with us, for a total of 19½ in the classroom. She is retired from the Leavenworth school district (having also taught in KCK schools). With a Master’s degree in Curriculum & Teaching, she is also licensed as an Early Childhood Generalist, which helps her working with families who are making decisions on their child(ren) Educational Success. In 2001, she was recognized as part of the USA Today All-Academic Team.

About Mrs. Lawson – She is married to Peter (who is retired from the military). They have 6 children and 13 grandchildren – and while she has a Catholic background, she now attends St. Paul. She has truly found a home in our church community.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Her spare time is spent enjoying 5 grandchildren who live close and planned visits with the other 8. She enjoys crafts and being an inventor.

What does St. Paul Lutheran mean to you? She has visited and worked in numerous schools during her years teaching, but no other school community develops the entire child – educationally as well as spiritually like St. Paul does. Jesus is part of all we do in the classroom – she would not want to spend her days with any other students or adult educators, except if spending all her days with her grandchildren was possible!!!

The best part about following Jesus is… Every day I find Jesus in my life. He puts me in places where I can make a difference to children and adults with whom I come in contact with. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the St. Paul Family!!!