Christian Worldview

A primary goal of a Christian school is to not only provide Biblical knowledge, but to also fit students with a Scriptural lens into perceiving reality… and ways to live out that reality. A Christian worldview deals with big questions like “where do we come from?… Who are we? … Why are we here?… Where are we headed?”

The answers to these questions give our students a strong foundation on which to build all other aspects of education: academic, emotional, spiritual, and social. Having this foundation serves as a guide or rule for life and St. Paul and extends into the future of our students. This makes us truly unique. St Paul students are transformed to having a Christian world view in which all aspects of life can be based.


There is no better way of developing a clear Christian worldview than to use the “curriculum” of the Ten Commandments, the Apostle’s Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer.

In the Commandments, we learn of God’s holy will about love of the Lord and love for one another. We see how this Law becomes a blessing to us, how we fall short of this holiness… and realize the curse that comes along with our disobedience.

In the Creed, we learn of a Creator who took the initiative to speak us into existence, provide a world where we could survive and thrive, and instill His own image within us so that we might live in perfect fellowship with Him.

…We learn of a Redeemer, who left His throne in heaven, took on flesh, and became our servant so that we might be become righteous before God. Through Christ, God reveals and provides His wonderful kingdom of grace.

…We learn of the Spirit that enlightens us with truth and grace. The One who, through the blessed gifts centered in the Word, creates faith and life in a believer’s heart… and who, through that same Word, gives us a lamp for our feet and a light to our path – for this life and the next.

In the Lord’s Prayer, we discover a God who is our dear Father. We call upon Him as His own children and see His hand in providing, protecting, and guiding us each and every day.

These doctrines of faith become the lenses of life. They give us meaning and understanding. They become our framework for decision making and reflection. They also serve as a platform for us to articulate God’s Truth to a world that is lost in deceptive and self-serving theories and philosophies.

The success and fulfillment of the mission within our Christian schools will be directly related to our commitment to a clear Biblical curriculum that connects students with Christ, with His truth, and with a framework that enables and prepares students to confidently display and defend their faith to family, friends, and – eventually – the community where they will be called to serve.

We strongly encourage families to be in Christian worship with others. For those who don’t currently have a church home, the doors of St. Paul Lutheran Church are open to you to join us for worship. You may contact the Principal or Pastor Ed Mease at (913) 682-0387 to find out more about these worship services.