Our History

St. Paul Lutheran School was founded in historic Leavenworth, Kansas in 1863, making it both the first parochial school and the first Lutheran school in Kansas.  The school was first housed in the basement foundation of the church when the building was moved to 7th & Miama in 1966. As the school grew, a new school building was built across the street from the church. The St. Paul Lutheran School campus is still on this site today. It is approximately one mile east of the Missouri River, and one mile north of Fort Leavenworth.

Our preschool through 8th-grade programs provide Christian teachers, strong academics, and small class sizes, which allow students a sense of family and personal involvement. The school provides an outstanding education for its students, who achieved the highest Kansas State test scores in Leavenworth County for many years.

We welcome students of all religions and backgrounds.  We provide a safe and caring learning environment.  The combination of Jesus, relationships, and academics is the reason we have continued to serve the Leavenworth community for over 160 years.

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