Our PreKindergarten Classes (2½-, 3-, & 4-Year Olds)

Our PreKindergarten Program

St. Paul’s prekindergarten program is designed to nurture children spiritually and academically at their developmentally appropriate level. At St. Paul we focus on the child’s social and emotional growth as well as his or her physical and mental development, thus meeting the needs of the whole child. We believe that every child who enters our program is a unique and special gift from God, and that it is our privilege and responsibility to help him know that he is loved and cared for by our Lord Jesus Christ. Along with being state-licensed, we follow the Kansas State Readiness Standards.


PreKindergarteners may now attend 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day programs, and all students are able to join special class events and seasonal field trips. Students are welcomed into a loving environment by professional staff to help them transition to a classroom setting. Each age has its own classroom that includes developmentally appropriate learning stations, and our school also has a spacious playground area with features for all ages.  

Classes are full-day (with the exception of 2½-year-olds, which are half-day). We also offer an extended-childcare program both before and after school. Our extended care hours begin at 6:30 am for the morning session, and 3:00 pm for the afternoon session. Students may stay until 5:30 pm.

We encourage and welcome parents to be involved in all aspects of our program.

2½ Year Old PreKindergarten Program

Our 2½-year olds do NOT need to be potty trained! One of our program’s features is to help assist parents with potty training. Many students will see success before the end of the year. Students do need to be 2½ by August to attend. They will need to turn 2 by the end of February in the year they begin class at St. Paul. 

A female teacher sits in a wooden chair and holds up the orange pages of a book as she reads to her preschool students who are sitting on the blue carpet in front of her.

3 Year Old PreKindergarten Program

Students must be 3 years of age by August 31st and must be potty trained to enter our 3-year-old prekindergarten program.

A caucasian boy with glasses, a caucasian girl, and an African American boy all wearing maroon colored uniform t-shirts are playing in a sand sensory bin in their preschool classroom.

4 Year Old PreKindergarten Program

Students must be 4 years of age by August 31st and must be potty trained to enter our 4-year-old prekindergarten program.

At St. Paul Lutheran PreKindergarten, the curriculum is the basis for developing an effective, developmentally appropriate prekindergarten program, which includes teaching in all areas vital to the young child’s growth. Our program includes a Biblically integrated early-childhood curriculum from Concordia, including Bible stories and scripture. To encourage and prepare our students for the future demands of school, we introduce academics focusing on pre-reading and writing skills, mathematics fundamentals, and sight-word recognition. Enrichment activities such as weekly chapel, music and movement, field trips, and seasonal activities that change yearly are also vital to our program’s success.

PreKindergarten students have the opportunity to explore their environment through diverse and enriching activities. Chapel:  In our Christian PreKindergarten, children attend chapel to experience what it is like to praise and worship God as a group.  Educational Field Trip: We visit the Pumpkin Patch each school year. Additional Events:  PreKindergarten also takes part in all school special events including Movie Night, Annual School Open House, Fall Festival, End of the Year Picnic, and more. To round off the year PreKindergarten classes take part in a variety of monthly events: Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Celebration, Valentine’s Day Party, St. Patrick’s Day,  Easter Celebration, Western Day, Hunt for Clifford the Big Red Dog, Worm Day, Rainbow Olympics, and more.

Entrance Guidelines

We require that students entering our PreKindergarten classes be either three years old by August 31st for our PreKindergarten 3 class, or four years old by August 31st for our PreKindergarten 4 class. Students entering our PreKindergarten 3 & PreKindergarten 4 classes must be potty trained. Students entering our 2½ PreKindergarten class need to be 2 by the end of February, so they will be 2½ by August 31st.

Tuition payments run from September through May using the FACTS Program.  

For current tuition and fee rates please call –  (913) 682-5553, or email –  [email protected].