Faculty and Staff

Rev. Ed Mease


Margaret Hanawalt

Church Secretary

Mrs. Cindy Hammons


Ashley Nelson


Chyza Young-Nelson

Administrative Assistant

Courtney Castro


Suzie Lawson

Director of Admissions

Daffny Atwell

Marketing & Media Coordinator

Kerri Moye

PreK 2 ½ Year Olds

Not Pictured

PreK 2.5 Year Olds – Aide

Shannon Manley

PreK 3 Year Olds

Karen Jessup

PreK 3 Year Olds – Aide & EC

Susan Wells

PreK 4 Year Olds

Cassie Ward

PreK 4 Year Olds – Aide

Kristen Michaels


Debra Martini

1st & 2nd Grade

Not Pictured

1st & 2nd Grade – Aide

Deena Simmons

3rd & 4th Grade

Jim Fehlauer

5th & 6th Grade

Sally Niemann

7th & 8th Grade

Monica Collins

Garden Lab

Coach Gadell

Physical Education

Leah Zappa

Extended Care

Pam Keys

Extended Care

Tatjana Latimer

Extended Care

Tim Summers

Building Aide

Scott Vandruff

VIdeo & Sound Technician

Becky Wiegand



Our Staff


Seventeen staff members of St. Paul are posed in three rows. The first row is sitting on the floor, the second row is seated, and the third row is standing, with one man in the middle. They are all making silly faces and laughing.