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St Paul Lutheran School Kindergarten

St. Paul Lutheran School feels it’s an honor to instruct and guide our little learners, setting the stage for a deeper love of learning.  God our Father is brought up in all subject matters, for example, God our Father is absolute and concrete in everything.  The students are lead to discover patterns in Science, Language, Art, and Math.  Each tree and leaf has their specific patterns.  Their minds are opened as the teacher asks thought-provoking questions as hands on science experiments take place.  Maps and landforms bring history to life.  Powerful life discussions such as Freedom take place. In 2018 students defined freedom as “freedom is free” “freedom is for everyone”. They learn about jobs, basic economy, the power of voting, flag recognition.  By providing real-world examples/stories to teach the subjects, our students obtain a deeper understanding of the wonderful world in which they live in.

Classes Begin at 8:00 am and dismiss at 3:20 pm.